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  Keeping pace with the world at its beginning , aiming at the principle of satisfying customers, Wenzhou Hengyang Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. is providing you with hign quality products, perfect after-sales service and technica support. Through powerful enterprise strength, we participate in the intermationa economy cooperation, devote ourselves to the diversified development of product and quality , strive to deepen the PTFE and rubber series products and prolong the production chain , so as to construct an enterprise of advanced level.

    With plentiful high-tech results and profound cooperation friendship , Wenzhou Hengyang Science and Technology Co.,Ltd. will sincerely cooperate with friends from all circles to create a brilliant future.
 We can provide PTFE series rotary shaft oil seals ,PTFE series reciprocating oil seals,PTFE series dynamic and static seal rings , various rubber oil seals , various rubber dynamic and static seal rings , vehicle speed sensors , Engine speed sensors and etc.    We are continuosly researching , Developing and innovating the structure of PTFE series rotary shaft oil seals ( Such as: structure of integral joined-seat type and floating shaft type products) as well as applying new materials (such as M111 of daikin inc.)
 By regarding HPW policy deployment as the main objective and adopting HQCD and ISO/TS16949 quality management systems as the means , We make sure that the safe and reliable quality will be realized in all aspects from design , Manufacturing and use of every product till service.    In addition to being supplied to users all over the country , The products of wenzhou hengyang science and technology co., ltd. Have gradually reached out to the world. We have not only provided accessories for domestic main engine factories , But have been actively involved into the global purchasing system , So that our technical level and competition strength have been greatly promoted . Through improving and strengthening sales force and after-sales service , Wenzhou hengyang science and technology co.,ltd. Is providing excellent and perfect services to meet customer requirements.
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